Starlite Original Cocktails...

We're committed to fun, tasty, approachable craft cocktails that change with the seasons.
​Here's a couple that we have now:

raspberry fizz

Josh's raspberry infused vodka, lime, soda


rockin' chair

black tea-infused bonded bourbon, Canton ginger cognac, lemon


the gentleman

bourbon, Belle de Brillet, lemon


Starlite cocktail

white rum, Parfait Amour, lemon, bubbles

fallen angel

spicy mango margarita, bbq dusted rim


green goblin

mezcal, Green Chartreuse, Midori, lime, pineapple



Bols Genever, St. Elder, Casoni, lemon



Old Overholt rye, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, house-made orange bitters


violette hour

Prairie cucumber vodka, Crème de Violette, lavender syrup, lime


fist full of dollars

Mad March Hare white whiskey, Amaro Montenegro, orange bitters


the modern

cilantro infused gin, lime, heriloom tomato


rosé sangria

spring in a glass!


kiwi's big adventure

pisco, agave, cucumber juice, kiwi purée, lime


bianco e amaro

gin, Cocchi Americano, Luxardo Bitter Bianco


jack burton

bourbon, 5-spice demerara, grapefruit juice, bitters


rosa ortiza

tequila, sweet vermouth, strawberry infused Bruto Americano



Isaac's rotating carbonated cocktail




We focus on great beers.  Whether it's macro or micro, we only put beers we think taste great on the list. But we do love our local breweries. 




We have a small but fantastic selection of wines hand-selected by Josh Childs.  You won't believe how cheap these great bottles are.  Why?  Because we want you to drink more wine!